'A History of Austrian Computer Games' is a project, which aims to look back and document the history of austrian computer games. With the support of the Institute of Computer Graphics, Professor Michael Wimmer and Martin Filipp (Mi'pu'mi Games), Sebastian Esberger realized this project in the course of his bachelors thesis. One cornerstone of this project was to create a public point of contact vor people interested in this topic. The web presence AustrianGames.at shall work as point of contact for anyone who wants to dive into this special subject.

Due to our limited time we were neither able to complete the database nor fill it 100% error-free. Therefore we aks you, the visitors of this site, to activly help us complete the data. The exact requirements of which entries are accepted can be found at Submit. There you can enter developers or games we have missed ourselves and we will work as fast as possible to review your entries and update our database. You can also inform us of any we might did. Sadly, out of time restriction we only aimed for games and developers up to 2001 but we happily accept newer entries aswell.

Thanks for your visits and have fun!

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Under the 'Developer Studios'-tab you will be able to search for information about austrian developer studios. You can refine your search with the available filter to quickly find the studio you are looking for.

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Under the 'Games'-tab you will be able to search for information about austrian-made games. Here you can also refine your search with the available filter.


Under the 'Interviews'-tab you will be able to read interviews of people who worked in the austrian gaming industry and have quite something to tell. You will be able to learn about the interesting life of an austrian game developer.

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Under the 'Submit'-tab you can help us to improve the existing database. Because of the big number of austrian developer studios and games it is impossible to keep up with the creatiosn. Therefore you can send us your recommendation if you find any studio or game not yet in the database.